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PRECAST PRODUCT DIVISIONS - Agricultural, Residential, Industrial, Spans and Crossings







When you purchase Maritime Precast Products, you benefit from many years of experience in producing innovative concrete products of the finest quality for the agricultural community. We use only superior grade materials and apply the latest technologies in the manufacturing processes to ensure that our products provide the ultimate in durability and endurance. Our line of products includes silo walls, potato ventilation covers,  Dairy and Hog slats and more. As with all our lines we aid in the design of any custom products you might need for your farm as well  



Our consumer and industrial lines of products include a wide variety of products. On top of our everyday products we also design and construct products for custom applications for industry and government agencies as well. 



Concrete Septic Tanks 450, 600 & 750 gallon.


Patio stones of all sizes


Light post bases round and square in a variety of sizes. 


















Maritime Precast Products Ltd. designs, constructs and installs concrete precast products such as Bridges, Culverts, Headwalls & Retaining walls.  


All of our precast products are built with high quality reinforcement and strong mechanical connections.This ensures our products stand up to our high construction standards.


 Our dedication to quality takes us around the world to research the very latest in industry trends and standards so we provide our clients with only the very highest quality materials and technology. Our innovative designs incorporate solid engineering, function, form and durability.

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